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1/4 inch tape, 1/4 inch tape, 1.5-head recorder, 1.5-head system, 1.5-head system, 1-inch helical scan video tape recording, 100 Hz, 100/0/75/0 range, 1080i, 16-QAM, 16:9 format, 16:9 format, 16x8 MC, 19-mm copy


2D Graphics, 2FE, 2T pulse, 2T pulse К factor, 2TS parameter


3/2 pull-down, 3/4 Shot, 3/4" tape, 3-D television, 3-dimensional organization, 3-screen memory, 35-mm film scanner, 3D Graphics, 3D Pipeline, 3D pipeline, 3D spectrum sound system, 3M D3, 3M D3, 3xforward speed


4:2:0 data, 4.H TRACK, 4FSC


5.1 channels, 5-PIN


6.H TRACK, 6-PIN-AV, 625 / 525 commonability, 6H.SW.




9300K + 27MPCD


A-B composite, A-B converter, A-B cut mixer, A-B edit, A-B mixer, A-B switch, A-B test, A/B, A/B roll editing, A/B-comparison, A-channel, A-law, A-variant multiplexed analog components, A/V, A/V-input, A/V-loop, A/V-preamplifier, A/V-preamplifier/tuner, A/V-receiver, A-wind, AB roll, AB roll, Abatement, Abaxial, Abaxial lens, ABC CLOSE-UP, ABC VIDEO ENTERPISES, Aberration, Aberration of position, Abnormal, Abnormal radiation, Absolute, Absolute pitch, Absolute position, Absolute threshold of luminance, Absorption, Absorption control treatment, Absorption factor, Absorption trap, Abstract, Abstract set, AC Line conditioner/protector, AC adapter, AC bias(ing), AC coefficient, AC drive plasma display, AC erasing, AC magnetic bias(ing), AC-type-plasma display, Academy aperture, Accelerated Graphics Port, Accelerated carrier return, Accelerating, Accelerating field, Accelerating lens, Accelerating screen, Acceleration, Acceleration time, Accelerator, Accelerator, Accent, Accent microphone, Accentuation, Accentuator, Acceptable contrast ratio, Acceptance, Acceptance angle, Accepted interference, Accepted quality limit, Accepted quality limit, Access, Access rate, Access slot, Access time, Accessories, Accessory, Accommodation, Accompanying sound signal, Accumulation-mode CCD, Accumulative, Accumulative audience, Accuracy, Achromatic, Achromatic color, Achromatic color, Achromatic light, Achromatic locus, Achromatic region, Acknowledge, Acknowledgement, Acolight, Acoustic, Acoustic absorber, Acoustic ambience, Acoustic analog, Acoustic baffle, Acoustic clarifier, Acoustic column, Acoustic compliance, Acoustic diffuser, …


B 16 COMMAG, B-channel, B format, B-field picture, B-frame picture, B-H curve, B-Mac/D-Mac/D2-Mac, B-roll, B-variant multiplexed analog components, B-Wind, B-Y matrix, B-Y mixer, Baby N-connector, bayonet coaxial connector, Baby boom, Baby spot, Baby spot, Back Light Compensation, Back bias, Back color, Back edge, Back gap, Back light, Back light, Back light compensation, Back lighting, Back lot, Back oscillation, Back porch, Back projection, Back projection, Back space edit, Back swing, Back video signal, Back-back porch, Back-face illumination, Back-focal length, Back-porch interval, Back-porch switching, Back-projection slide, Back-spacing, Back-stroke, Back-up memory, Back-up schedule, Backcloth, Backdrop, Background, Background, Background, Background camera, Background control, Background discrimination, Background film projector, Background illumination, Background illumination, Background light, Background loudspeaker, Background music, Background music, Background noise, Background noise, Background projection, Background scene, Background scenery, Background texture, Background titles, Background tracking adjustment, Background video, Background video, Background-control arrangement, Backing, Backing material, Backlaying, Backoff per carrier, Backpack, Backpack camera, Backplate, Backplate circuit, Backplate electrode, Backplate-voltage modulation, Backrolling, Backscattering, Backside, Backside transport, Backstage video, Backswing voltage pulser, Backtracking, Backup, Backup lead-in, Backward compatibility, Backward f-code, Backward horizontal, Backward motion vector, Backward prediction, Backward prediction sample, Backward temporal reference, Backward vertical, Bad Tape Error, Bad tape error, Badische Anilin - und Soda- Fabric, Baffle, …


C-format, C-format scanner, C H1SW, C / kТB, C.SET., C-variant multiplexed analog components, Cabinet, Cabinet-type, Cable News Network, Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network, Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network., Cable TV, Cable amplifier, Cable converter, Cable correction unit, Cable distribution, Cable drum compartment, Cable equalization, Cable fiber, Cable franchise, Cable guard, Cable information system, Cable lift, Cable loss compensator, Cable operator, Cable plant, Cable puller, Cable ready, Cable relay station, Cable relay station, Cable run, Cable television operator, Cable terminating panel, Cable termination equipment., Cable up, Cablecasting, Cableman, Cabletelecasting, Cabling, Cabs, Cadmicon, Calender, Calendering, Calibration, Call Letters, Call letters, Call signs, Call-in, Call-in, CAMera + reCORDER, Cameo, Camera adapter, Camera alignment, Camera amplifier, Camera angle, Camera angle, Camera assistant, Camera blanking, Camera chain, Camera chain rack, Camera chain unit, Camera chromaticities, Camera connector, Camera control, Camera control monitor, Camera control system, Camera control unit, Camera control unit, Camera controller, Camera coverage, Camera crane, Camera crane, Camera crew, Camera crew, Camera cue, Camera cut, Camera director, Camera dolly, Camera head, Camera hood, Camera horizontal drive, Camera lens hood, Camera line-up, Camera line-up, Camera linearity test, Camera memory, Camera mismatching, Camera monitor, Camera mount, Camera obscura, Camera operator, Camera optics, Camera original, Camera pause, Camera pause., Camera pedestal, Camera position, Camera processing unit., Camera projector telecine, Camera rails, …


D-1, D-2, D-3, D-5, D-6, D-7, D-Bridge 122, D.C. color control, D/D2-MAC, D-notice., D-variant multiplexed analog components., D2-МAC, D65, DA, Daewoo Electronics, CIS, Dag, Dailies, Dailies, Daily server, Damper, Damper tube, Damping factor, Dancing colors, Dancing eyes, Dark burn, Dark conductance, Dark current, Dark current, Dark current density, Dark current memory, Dark current signal, Dark photoconductor, Dark potential, Dark resistance, Dark shading, Dark signal, Dark spot (signal), Dark trace, Dark trace., Dark-current-voltage curve, Dark-trace tube, Data, Data automatic reduction equipment, Data broadcasting, Data broadcasting channel, Data compression, Data compression coding, Data display unit, Data element, Data error, Data exchange, Data line, Data link, Data origination, Data partition(ing), Data pulse generator, Data recovery points, Data row, Data screen, Data slicing, Data unit, Data-packet loss rate, Data-refresh rate, Data-transfer rate, Datagloves, Datasuit, Date, Dating pulse, DAYBREAK, Day television tracking system., Day time, Day time audience, Day's production, Daylight illumination, Daylight television., Daytime drama, Daytime serial, Daytime television, Daytimer, DB, Dbx, DC bias(ing), DC component, DC drive plasma display, DC erasing, DC free code, DC inserted, DC inserter, DC magnetic bias(ing), DC noise, DC operation, DC quadricorrelator, DC regeneration, DC reinsertion, DC restoration circuit, DC restored, DC setter, DC-type plasma display, DCRS, DCT type, …


E-CL, Early Bird, Early fringe, Early morning, Earphone socket, Earth terminal antenna, Earth's magnetic field, Earth-bound transmitter, Earth-to-space link, Ease out, Easel, Easel shot, East, East-west geometry processing, East-west waveforms, East/West, Eastern Educational Network, Eastern Educational Network., EBE, Ebicon, Ebitron, EBS Electron-bombardment-silicon tube., EBS vidicon, Ebsicon. Electron-bombardment-silicon tube., EBU time code, EC, EC-CL, ECB-cell, ECC Error checking and correction., Echelon lens, Echo, Echo aperture equalizer, Echo effect, Echo image, Echo suppression, ECU, ED-Beta, Edge, Edge beat, Edge busyness, Edge damage, Edge detection, Edge detector, Edge effect, Edge flare, Edge jitter, Edge light, Edge pulling, Edge value, Edge-illuminated screen, Edged captions, Edging, Edinburgh International Television Festival, Edit, Edit code, Edit console, Edit control panel, Edit control system, Edit controller, Edit decision, Edit decision list., Edit list, Edit list memory, Edit location, Edit log, Edit mark, Edit mode, Edit point, Edit program, Edit pulse, Edit search, Edit signals, Edit socket, Edit switch, Edit sync guide, Edit transition, Edit-in, Edit-in point, Edit-out, Edit-out point, Edited master tape, Edited video tape master, Editing, Editing, Editing VTR, Editing accuracy, Editing accuracy, Editing area, Editing bay, Editing bench, Editing bench, Editing block, Editing console, Editing control, Editing control suite, Editing control suite., Editing control unit, Editing controller, Editing cubicle, Editing decision, …


F-connector, F-drop, Face, Face glass, Face tone, Face-to-face, Faceplate, Faceplate., Facetted lens, Facetting, Facial animation, Facilities, Facility, Facing, Facsimile broadcast station, Fact sheet, Factor, Factor of ignorance, Factor of merit, Factor of safety, Factorable code, Facultative, Faculty storage, Fade, Fade, Fade, Fade (AV), Fade box, Fade in, Fade jalousie, Fade level, Fade margin, Fade off, Fade on, Fade out, Fade to black, Fade, fading, Fade-down, Fade-in, Fade-out, Fade-over, Fade-up, Fader, Fader amplifier, Fader lever, Fader potentiometer, Fading, Fading, Fail-safe dynamic braking, Faint object, Faint object camera, Faint object camera., Fairness Doctrine, Fairy-tale film, fair, False contours, False detection, False edges, False outlines, False sync, Family series, Family viewing time, Fan effect, Far distance shot, Fare, Farnsworth image dissector tube, FasTrans 2000, Fast Fourier transform, Fast action quick zoom, Fast forward., Fast information block, Fast information channel, Fast information group, Fast lens, Fast motion, Fast motion effect, Fast optics, Fast screen, Fast spooling, Fast switch, Fast wind, Fastext, Fat / slim line, Fatigue crack television system, Fault image, FBAS, FBe, FBo, Feature, Feature extraction, Feature film, Feature player, Feature selection, Feature-length, Fechner colors, Fechner fraction, Fechner law, Federal Communications Commission, Fee television, Feeble signal, …


G-2 aperture, G-Y matrix, Gaffe, Gaffer, Gaffer, Gain, Gain, Galavision, Gallery, Gallery effect, Game Engine, Game show, Gamma, Gamma Correction, Gamma amplifier, Gamma balance, Gamma characteristic, Gamma error, Gamma exponent, Gamma factor, Gamma ferric oxide, Gamma law, Gamma-corrected color television, Gamma-corrected voltage, Gammate, Gamut, Gang, Ganging, Gantries, Gap, Gap correction, Gap depth, Gap effect, Gap length., Gap loss, Gap scatter, Gap width, Gas film, Gas film technology, Gas focusing, Gas-discharge display, Gas-discharge panel display, Gate, Gate amplifier, Gate pulse, Gate shutter, Gate signal, Gated automatic gain control, Gated image intensifier, Gatekeeper, Gating, Gating signal, Gating stage, Gating wave, Gating waveform, Gauge, Gauss(ian) filter, Geared system, Gemmation, General Lock, General audiences, General color-rendering index, General erase head, General locking, General purpose interface., General purpose monitor, Generation, Generator, Geneva mechanism, Genre, Geometric correction, Geometric error, Geometric hum, Geometric integrity, Geometrical rectification, Geometry engine, George Polk Memorial Award, Getaway, Gettering effect, GH cell, Ghost, Ghost cancellation reference, Ghost image, Ghost interference, Ghost meter, Ghost suppression, Ghost-cancelling adapter, Ghost-cancelling system, Ghosting, Ghostly trails, Glare, Glass, Glass fiber, Glass picture tube, Glass seal, Glass-bead seal, Glass-bulb image-converter tube, Glass-to-air surface, Glass-to-metal seal, Glasswork, …


H.221, H.243, H.281, H/2 demodulator, H/2 signal, H.320, H.323, H.324, H and V contour enhancement, H.F. definition, H-identification signal, H-type antenna, H+V-identification signal, H-V-S signal, H4, Hadamard transform coding, Halation, Halation ring, Halation, halo, Half mirror, Half sample, Half sample flag, Half sample flag., Half-element displacement, Half-line offset, Half-line offset composite signal, Half-line period, Half-loading system, Half-picture, Half-tone characteristic, Half-tone charge pattern, Half-tone image, Half-tone information, Half-tone signal, Hall generator, Hall generator., Hall magnetic head, Halo, Halo effect, Hamming code, Hamming distance, Hand camera, Hand-held camera, Hand-held degausser, Hand-held shot, Handle, Handler, Handling, Hangover, Hangover bars, Hard, Hard clamping, Hard disk editing, Hard edge, Hard image, Hard news, Hardening, Hardware, Hardwired, Harmful interference, Harmonic content, Harmonic distirtion, Harmonic filter, Harmonical emission, Harmony Premier Network, Harp, Haul, HBST tube, Head aligning tape, Head alignment losses, Head amplifier, Head assembly carrier, Head cameramen, Head channel, Head clogging, Head coil, Head conn., Head demagnetizer, Head disk, Head efficiency, Head end, Head face, Head gap, Head gap azimuth, Head hunting, Head layout, Head losses, Head micropositioner, Head micropositioning, Head mirror, Head motor, Head position detector, Head pulse, Head reactance compensator, Head reference plane, Head segment gap azimuth difference, Head servo, Head speed, Head switching pulses, Head tilt, …


I phase inverter, I-phase carrier, Iconometer, Iconoscope, iconoscope, Idempotent system, Identification, Identification Data, Identification captions, Identification leader, Idiot board (idiot card, idiot sheet), Idiot box, Idiot lantern, Idle VTR, Idle frequency, Idler, IF stop, IKEGAMI, Illuminance, Illuminant, Illuminated bollard, Illumination, Illumination, Illumination intensity, Illumination meter, Illumination photometer, Illumination-current characteristic, Illuminator, IMAGE-655, Image, Image Input to Automatic Computer, Image Motion Compensation, Image Processing Facilities, Image Signal Processor, Image accelerator, Image accelerator voltage, Image amplifier., Image analysis camera, Image angle, Image burn, Image comparator, Image compression, Image converter, Image curvature, Image data, Image deblurring, Image decay, Image decomposition, Image detail, Image detection, Image device, Image digitizer, Image dissection, Image dissector, Image dissector camera system., Image dissector tube, Image divider, Image drift, Image enhancement, Image enhancer, Image entry, Image estimation, Image fault, Image filtering, Image focusing coil (Image-section coil), Image formation, Image frequency, Image frequency band, Image gamma, Image generation, Image gradation, Image iconoscope, Image illumination, Image information, Image input, Image intensification, Image intensifier, Image intensifier orthicon, Image intensifier tube, Image interference, Image interpolation, Image irradiance map, Image isocon, Image lag, Image lag characteristic, Image log brightness, Image magnification, Image motion stabilization system, Image multiplication, Image noise, Image orthicon, Image output, Image pattern, Image persistence, Image photon counting system, Image pick-up device, Image pick-up tube, Image plate, Image point, Image power amplifier, …


Jack, Jackfield, Jagged edges, Jaggies, Jaggies, Jam-to-signal ratio, Japan Cable Network, Jar, JAVA, Jeep, Jerky, JET search, JET-FPS., JET-RPS, Jib cam, Jig, Jitter, Jitter, Jitter width, Jog, Jog / shuttle, Join, Joint, Joint European Sub-micron Silicon Initiative, Joint Photographic Experts Group, Joyjog, Joystick, JUMBOTRON, Jump, Jump cut, Jump in brightness., Jump in potential., Jump scan system, Jump-scan flying-spot telecine, Jumper, Jumping, Junction, Junction filter, Jungle chip, Junk, Just Noticeable Difference, Just Noticeable Luminance Difference, Justification, Justification rate, Justification ratio


K bar factor, K bar factor, K-band, K factor, K factor, K1, Ka band, Ka band, Kalman filter, KCA, KCA, KCS, Keep-alive battery, Kell factor, Kerr cell, Kerr constant, Kerr element, Keuffel-Esser color analyzer, Key, Key color suppression, Key edge, Key light, Key station, Key subject, Keyboard, Keyed automatic gain control, Keyed clamp, Keyed clamping circuit, Keyed composite, Keyed rainbow generator, Keyed-in background, Keyer, Keyer, Keyer, Keyer, Keying, Keying color, Keying signal, Keylight, Keystone, Keystone correction, Keystone distortion, Keystone effect, Keystone-shaped, Keystoning, Keystoning, key off, key on, key out, Kick-back pulse, Kick-sorting technique, Kickback power supply, Kicker, Kid's Beat, Kidvid, Kill a camera, Kill circuit, Killer pulse, Kilo-bits per second, Kine, Kine recorder, Kinescope, Kinescope bulb, Kinescope deflection angle, Kinescope grid, Kinescope gun, Kinescope recording, Knee, Knee control, Knee-slope circuit, knob-a-channel video mixer, KODIAK РAK, Ku band


L-BETA format, L-band, L-CL, Labeled test point, Lack of sharpness, Lag, Lag characteristic, Lag effect, Lag line, Lag time, Lagging edge, Laminated color screen, Laminated color tube, Laminated shield, Lamp, LANC, Landing, Landing-mesh electrode, Landline, Lands, Lap dissolve, Lap dissolve, Lap dissolve amplifier, Lap dissolve shutter, Lap time, Large screen film, Large screen picture, Large-Area Electronic Display Panel, Large-area contrast, Large-area flicker, Large-scale editing system, Large-screen color television system., Large-screen television projector, Laser / TV tracking, Laser Optical Reflective, Laser Optical Transparence, Laser Television, Laser Vision, Laser color television display, Laser light-modulating device, Laser optical transmission system, Laser transmitter, Laser videodisc recorder, Laser-beam flying-spot scanner, Laser-beam recorder, Laser-diode emitter, Laser-disc, Laser-scanned television, Laser-telecine, Last afternoon television, Last night slot, Last telecast, Late evening, Late fringe, Late off-peak, Latent image, Later program assembly, Lateral dissolve, Lateral flux density, Lateral inversion, Lateral leakage, Lateral recording, Lateral track, Lateral-correction magnet, Latitude, Laugh track, Laugh-in, Lavalier microphone, Lavaliere, Lawrence cbromatron, Lawrence tube, Layback recorder, Layer, Layer, Layer_id, Layoff recorder, LCD digital scanner programming system, LCD glasses = (LCD stereo glasses), LCD projector, LD, Lead, Lead monoxide tube ., Lead seal, Lead time, Lead-in, Lead-in groove, Lead-out groove, Lead-over groove, Lead-oxide camera tube, Lead-oxide photoconductive tube, Lead-oxide photoconductor, Lead-oxide pick-up tube, Lead-oxide tube, Lead-oxide vidicon, Leader, Leader section, Leader strip, Leader tape, Leading black, Leading edge, …


M, M format, MAC / PACKET, MAC / PACKET, MacNeil-Lehrer report, MacNeil-Lehrer report, Machine assignment, Machine assignment, Machine interface, Machine interface, Macro, Macro, Macroblock, Macroblock, Macroblock address increment, Macroblock address increment, Macroblock escape, Macroblock escape, Macroblock header information, Macroblock intra, Macroblock intra, Macroblock mode, Macroblock mode, Macroblock motion backward, Macroblock motion backward, Macroblock motion forward, Macroblock motion forward, Macroblock pattern, Macroblock pattern, Macroblock quant, Macroblock quant, Macroblock type, Macroblock type, Macroblock-by-macroblock, Macroblock-by-macroblock, Macroblock_type table, Macroblock_type table, Made-for-TV movies., Made-for-TV movies., Magazine, Magazine, Magazine address, Magazine address, Magazine format, Magazine format, Magazine program, Magazine program, Magazine show, Magazine show, Magazine type program, Magazine type program, Magenta., Magenta., Magid Associates, Magid Associates, Maglink code, Maglink code, Magnetic alloy head, Magnetic alloy head, Magnetic coating, Magnetic coating, Magnetic drum, Magnetic drum, Magnetic drum recorder, Magnetic drum recorder, Magnetic film, Magnetic film machine, Magnetic film machine, Magnetic flux density, Magnetic flux density, Magnetic head, Magnetic head, Magnetic pattern, Magnetic pattern, Magnetic polarity transition, Magnetic polarity transition, Magnetic printing, Magnetic printing, Magnetic record development, Magnetic record development, Magnetic scanning, Magnetic scanning, Magnetic short-circuit, Magnetic short-circuit, Magnetic tape recorder., Magnetic television recorder, Magnetic television recorder, Magnetic television tape recorder, Magnetic television tape recorder, Magnetic tube, Magnetic tube, Magnetic video camera, Magnetic video camera, Magnetic-flux transition, Magnetic-flux transition, Magnetic-head core, Magnetic-head core, Magnetic-head gap, Magnetic-head gap, Magnetic-recording playback device, …


N, N.G. take (no good), N-power zoom lens, N[parity_ref] [parity_pred], N-th order DPCM coder, NAB format, NARTB format, Narration, Narrator, Narrow angle mode, Narrow beam, Narrow gauge film, Narrow-MUSE, Narrow-angle picture tube, Narrow-neck tube, Narrowband axis, Narrowcasting, Nasties, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences., National Association of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians., National Association of Radio And Television Broadcasters, National Association of Television Program Executives, National Cable Television Association, National Conference of Motion Picture and TV Unions., National Educational Television, National Slavelocking System, National Television Center., National Television System Committee., Natural background, Natural binary code, Natural vision film, NBC MAGAZINE, Ncgentropy, Near Instantaneously Audio Multiplex., Near-Video-on-Demand, Necessary bandwidth, Neck, Negative / positive picture reversal, Negative clamping, Negative cutting, Negative echo, Negative ghost, Negative impedance converter, Negative justification, Negative picture phase, Negative pulse stuffing, Negative transmission, NEMESIS, NEMO broadcast, NEOPILATON, Net reach, NetMeeting, NetMeeting 2.1, Network, Network affiliate, Network center, Network compensation, Network data handler, Network production center, Network production television center, Network program, Network standard, Network station, Network syndication, Network termination unit, Neural response, Neutral filter, Neutral hue, Neutral wedge, Neutral-density disk, Neutral-density filter, New, New MII, New PAL, New PAL, Newbicon, News analyst, News announcer, News camera person, News director, News flash, News item, News media, News producer, News spot, News studio, News vehicle, News-reader, Newsreel, Newsreel, Newsreel, Newsroom, Newsroom station, Newvicon, Next channel system, NICON, Nickel cobalt coating, Nickelodeon, Nielsen rating, Nielsen station index, …


OB video source, Object / background border, Object color, Object lens, Object log brightness, Object perceived color, Objectionable flicker, Objective, Objective aperture, Obscuring, Observation system, Observer, Occupance, Occupied bandwidth, Octave, Odd counter, Odd distortion, Odd field, Odd line, Odd-line interlacing, Odd-numbered field, Odd-numbered line, Odd-order distortion, Off, Off-air = off-the-air., Off-air channel, Off-air signal, Off-camera, Off-camera announcer, Off-centering, Off-centering winding, Off-centering yoke, Off-line, Off-line, Off-line Studio, Off-line copy, Off-line edit system, Off-line editing, Off-line logging, Off-line program postproduction, Off-line work-tape, Off-locked subcarrier, Off-network reruns, Off-on generator, Off-on wave generator, Off-path signal, Off-screen, Off-tape / off-air still picture, Off-tape noise, Off-tape sync, Off-tape video signal, Off-tube booth, Office of Network Study, Office of Telecommunication Policy, Offset, Offset binary code, Offset frequency, Offset operation, Offset tunung, Offset-antenna, Offset-carrier operation, off-the-air television program, Olympic Television and Radio Complex, Ombudsman, Omega-loop, Omega-wrap configuration, Omni-vit signal, Omnicom shading corrector, Omnidirectional contour corrector, Omnidirectional contour enhancement, On TV, On air, On camera, On camera., On the air, On-Board Processing, On-air shot, On-air switching, On-air-presentation, On-air-recall, On-chip lens, On-line, On-line chromakey, On-line editing, On-line program postproduction, On-line studio, On-screen display, On-screen display., On-screen programming, On-site, On-the-air, On-the-air monitor, On-the-air signal, On-the-spot-news reporting, One shot, One-cycle multivibrator, One-dimensional correlation, One-field aperture, One-field aperture filter, One-frame television, …


P-551, P-band, P-version, P[у][х], Pack, Package, Package, Package, Package, Packaging, Packetised elementary stream, Packing, Packing density, PAF system, Page assembly, Page composition, Page format, Page memory, Page store, Page-address code, Pagination, Paint, Paint and animation system, Painting, Painting system, Paired-disparity code, Pairing effect, PAL composite, PAL eight-field cycle, PAL flip-flop, PAL line-identification signal, PAL phase, PAL switch, PAL sync, PAL+, PAL-B/G, PAL-I, PAL-M, PAL-NN, PAL-delay, standard PAL., PALminus, PALplus, Palette, Palmcorder, PANDA-1, Pan, Pan & Scan, Pan and tilt assembly, Pan down, Pan drive mechanism, Pan mechanism, Pan&scan, Pan-and-tilt head, Pan-and-tilt mechanism, Pan-tilt mount, Pan-tilt system, Panaburst, Panasonic, Panchromatic, Panel, Panel game, Panel-to-ccu link, Panning, Panning, Panning jitter, Panning handle, Panning head, Panning, pan, Panoram, Panorama-film, Panoramagram, Panoraming, Panther GmbH, Paperless, PAR, Parabolic antenna, Parallax panoramagram, Parallel cable, Parallel coder, Parallelogram distortion, Paralysis, Parasitic, Parasitic emission, Paraxial image magnification, Parent page, Parent station, Parental Guidance, Parental Guidance-13, Parity, Parity_pred, Parity_ref, Park, Park noise, Parking, Parking accuracy, Parking position of the tape, Part of Title, Partial reflection, Participating sponsor, Participation program, …

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