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10-K, 12B-1 Fees, 12B-1 fees, 12B-1 funds, 12B-1 plan


48-hour rule


ABA Routing Number, Abandon, Abandonment and surrender, Abandonment of a project, Abandonment option, Ability to pay, Abnormal Return, Abnormal returns, Above-the-line, Above-the-line cost, Absentee ballot, Absolute priority, Abuse, Abyss, Accelerated cost recovery system, Accelerated depreciation, Acceptance, Account, Account, Account Statement, Account manager, Account receivable, Account statement, Accountability, Accountant, Accounting earnings, Accounting exposure, Accounting exposure, Accounting insolvency, Accounting liquidity, Accounting rate of interest, Accounts payable, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Accounts receivable, Accounts receivable financing, Accounts receivable turnover ratio, Accretion (of a discount), Accrual basis of accounting, Accrual bond, Accrued interest, Accrued interest, Accumulated Benefit Obligation, Accumulated dividend, Accumulation, Accumulation/Distribution Line, Accuracy, Acid test, Acid test ratio, Acid-test ratio, Acquiree, Acquirer, Acquirer, Acquiring Bank, Acquiring Processor, Acquisition, Acquisition, Acquisition executive, Acquisition of assets, Acquisition of stock, Act of god, Act of state doctrine, Action program, Active, Active Management, Active Portfolio, Active investor, Active portfolio strategy, Actively managed funds, Actual investment, Actuals, Ad frequency, Ad reach, Ad valorem tax, Adaptive Filter, Added value, Adding value, Additional hedge, Address Verification Service, Address hygiene, Adequate sample, Adjudication of claims of creditors, Adjustable rate mortgage, Adjustable rate preferred stock, Adjusted Forecast, Adjusted present value, Administration costs, Administrative operational expense, Administrative pricing rules, Adopter categories, ADV Form, Advance commitment, Adverse Excursion, Adverse selection, Advertisement exposure, Advertiser, Advertiser, Advertising, Advertising, Advertising activities, …


Baby bond, Back End Load, Back fee, Back testing, Back-end load fund, Back-office, Back-testing (or), Back-to-back agreement, Back-to-back financing, Back-to-back loan, Back-to-back loan, Back-up, Back-up, Backer, Backgrounder, Backwardation, Bad debt, Bailout, Baker plan, Balance of payments, Balance of trade, Balance sheet, Balance sheet, Balance sheet equation, Balance sheet exposure, Balance sheet identity, Balanced fund, Balanced fund, Balanced funds, Balanced investment strategy, Balanced mutual fund, Balloon maturity, Ballpark, Bandwidth, Bane, Bank Discount Yield, Bank advance, Bank anticipation notes, Bank collection float, Bank discount basis, Bank draft, Bank for International Settlements, Bank holding company, Bank line, Bank loan, Bank rate, Bank wire, Bankable project, Banker's bank, Bankers acceptance, Banker’s acceptance, Bankrupt, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy cost view, Bankruptcy risk, Bankruptcy view, Bankwire Transfer, Banner, Banner, Banner exchange, BARRA's performance analysis, Bar, Bar Chart, Barbell strategy, Bargain, Bargain-purchase-price option, Barometer, Barrier options, Base Currency, Base interest rate, Base probability of loss, Basic IRR rule, Basic balance, Basic business strategies, Basis, Basis, Basis Point, Basis point, Basis price, Basis risk, Basis risk, Basket case, Basket options, Basket trades, Batch, Batch Close, Batch Processing, Batch, batch files, batch system, Bear, Bear, Bear CD, Bear Market, Bear Market Decile Rank, Bear market, Bear market, Bear raid, Bear ride, Bearer bond, Bears, …


Cable, Cable, Calamity, Calendar, Calendar effect, Calendar-Year Total Returns, California preferred, Call, Call Option, Call date, Call money rate, Call option, Call premium, Call price, Call protection, Call provision, Call rate, Call risk, Call swaption, Callable, Canadian agencies, Candlestick Chart, Cap, Capital, Capital, Capital Asset Pricing Model, Capital Gains, Capital Gains, Capital Markets, Capital account, Capital accumulation, Capital adequacy, Capital allocation decision, Capital appreciation funds, Capital appreciaton, Capital asset pricing model, Capital assets, Capital at risk, Capital budget, Capital budgeting, Capital budgeting, Capital call, Capital consumption allowances, Capital employed, Capital expenditures, Capital flight, Capital flight, Capital gain, Capital gain, Capital gains, Capital gains, Capital gains tax, Capital gains yield, Capital gearing, Capital lease, Capital leverage, Capital loss, Capital loss, Capital market, Capital market, Capital market efficiency, Capital market imperfections view, Capital market line, Capital markets, Capital rationing, Capital stock, Capital structure, Capital structure, Capital surplus, Capital-intensive commodity, Capitalization, Capitalization, Capitalization issue, Capitalization method, Capitalization ratios, Capitalization table, Capitalize the risk, Capitalized, Capitalized interest, Captive, Captive fund, Captive venture-capital company, Capture, CARDs, CARs, Car, Card Issuer, Cardholder, Cardholder Bank, Carried interest, Carry, Carrying costs, Carrying value, Cartouche, Cash, Cash, Cash, Cash Advance, Cash Flow, Cash and carry, …


Data Encryption, Data base, Data mart, Data mining, Data vendors, Data warehouse, Database, Database marketing, Database marketing, Datafeed, Date of maturity, Date of payment, Date of record, Dates convention, Dawn raid, DAX 100, Day Order, Day Trading, Day order, Day trading, Day trading, Day-after-recall, Days in receivables, Days' sales in inventory ratio, Days' sales outstanding, De facto, De-merger, Dead Cat Bounce, Dead cat bounce, Dead parrot, Deal structure, Deal-flow, Dealer, Dealer, Dealer Market, Dealer loan, Dealer market, Dealer options, Death valley, Debenture, Debenture bond, Debenture stock, Debit, Debit Card, Debt, Debt, Debt forgiveness, Debt rescheduling, Debt capacity, Debt capital, Debt displacement, Debt instrument, Debt instrument, Debt investment (financing), Debt leverage, Debt limitation, Debt market, Debt ratio, Debt relief, Debt retirement, Debt securities, Debt service, Debt service, Debt service parity approach, Debt swap, Debt-equity conversions, Debt-for-equity swap, Debt-service coverage ratio, Debt/Equity ratio, Debt/equity ratio, Debtholder, Debto r-creditor regime, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor in possession, Debtor in possession, Debtor-in-possession financing, Debts and liabilities, Decal, paper stain, Decay, Decile rank, Decision tree, Declaration date, Declaration date, Decrease in demand, Decrease in supply, Dedicated capital, Dedication strategy, Deductible, Deduction, Deductive reasoning, Deed of trust, Deep-discount bond, Default, Default, Default, Default premium, Default risk, Defeasance, …


E-advising, E-auction, E-billing, E-business, E-Community, E-cash, E-catalog, E-commerce, E-consulting, e-Development, E-exchange, e-Economy, E-goverment, e-Government, E-intermediary, E-Merchant, E-mall, E-market, e-marketplace, E-marketing, E-money, E-payment, E-procurement, E-purses, e-Readiness, E-service, E-shop, E-solutions, E-supply chain, E-taxes, E-tender, e-Trade, E-wallet, EAFE Index, Early growth, Early stage, Early stage fund, Early warning memorandum, Earn-back, Earn-out, Earning, Earning before interest and Taxes, Earning before interest and Taxes multiple, Earning multiple, Earning power, Earnings, Earnings before Interests, Taxes, Depreciations and Amortisation, Earnings before interest and taxes, Earnings capitalization, Earnings growth %, Earnings per share, Earnings price ratio, Earnings report, Earnings retention ratio, Earnings surprises, Earnings yield, Easy money policy, Eating your own dogfood, EBIT coverage ratio, Economic, Economic Earnings, Economic Indicator, Economic analysis, Economic assumptions, Economic costs, Economic defeasance, Economic dependence, Economic earnings, Economic efficiency, Economic exposure, Economic growth rate, Economic income, Economic indicator, Economic indicators, Economic order quantity, Economic profit, Economic rents, Economic risk, Economic surplus, Economic union, Economies of scale, Economies of scale, Economies of scope, EDGAR, Edge corporations, Effective annual interest rate, Effective annual yield, Effective call price, Effective convexity, Effective date, Effective duration, Effective margin, Effective rate, Effective spread, Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficient Diversification, Efficient Market Hypothesis, Efficient Market Hypothesis, Efficient allocation of resources, Efficient capital market, …


Face value, Face value, Factor, Factor analysis, Factor model, Factor portfolio, Factor sensitivity, Factoring, Factors of production, Factory Orders, Fail, Failed transaction, Failure, Failure, Fair market value, Fair game, Fair market price, Fair price, Fair price provision, Fair return, Fair-and-equitable test, Fair-return price, Fallout risk, False, False Breakout, False break, Falsifay, Family, and friend’s money, FASB No. 52, FASB No. 8, Fast Fourier Transform, Fast Market, Fast track country, Fat cat, Fault, Feasible portfolio, Feasible set of portfolios, Feasible target payout ratios, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Financing Bank, Federal Home Loan Banks, Federal Open Market Committee, Federal Reserve Bank, Federal Reserve System, Federal Reserve System, Federal agency securities, Federal credit agencies, Federal funds, Federal funds market, Federal funds rate, Federally related institutions, Fedwire, Feedback loop, FHA prepayment experience, Fiat money, Fibonacci Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, Fidelity, Fidelity insurance, Fidelity insurance, Fiduciary, Fiduciary obligations, Field warehouse, Figure, Figuring the tail, Fill, Fill Order, Fill or kill order, Filter, Final goods, Finality risk, Finance, Financial Accounting Standard Board, Financial Assets, Financial Assets, Financial Electronic Data Interchange, Financial Institution, Financial Instrument, Financial analysts, Financial assets, Financial buyer, Financial calculator, Financial control, Financial deepening, Financial disclosure requirement, Financial distress, Financial distress costs, Financial engineering, Financial future, Financial instrument, Financial intermediaries, Financial investment, Financial lease, Financial leverage, Financial leverage, Financial leverage clientele, Financial leverage ratios, Financial market, Financial market, …


G-7, Gamma, Gann Theory, Gantt chart, Gantt chart, Gap, Gap, Gap analisys, GARP, growth at a reasonable price, Garbage can model of decision, Garmen-Kohlhagen option pricing model, Gatekeeper, Gather in the stops, Gearing, Gearing, GEMs (growing-equity mortgages), Gender mainstreaming, General cessation of payments, General public attorney, General unsecured creditors, General Partner, General cash offer, General equilibrium analysis, General ledger, General obligation bonds, General partner, General partner, General partnership, General partnership, General population, General purpose money funds, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Generally accepted accounting principles, Generic, Genetic Algorithms, Geographic risk, Geometric Average, Geometric mean return, Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung, Gestation repo, Gilts, Ginnie Mae, Give up, Glass ceiling, Glass escalator, Glass-Steagall Act, Global Funds, Global Standardization Collaboration, Global bonds, Global fund, Global funds, Global marketing, Globalization, GNMA Midget, GNMA-I, GNMA-II, Gnomes, Go-around, Going public, Going-concern value, Going-private, Going-private transaction, Going-private transactions, Gold exchange standard, Gold standard, Goldbricking, Golden Section, Golden boot, Golden goodbye, Golden handcuffs, Golden handshake, Golden hello, Golden parachute, Golden parachute, Golden share, Good 'til canceled, Good delivery, Good delivery and settlement procedures, Good faith loan, Good till Canceled, Goodwill, Goodwill, Government National Mortgage Association, Government bond, Government securities, Government sources, Government sponsored enterprises, Government-only money funds, Graduated-payment mortgages, Graham-Harvey Measure 1, Graham-Harvey Measure 2, Grant, Grantor trust, Gravertone, Gray market, Grazing, Greenfield investment, Greenfield site, Greenmail, Greenmail, …


Habitual residence, Haircut, Half-life, Hand on the, Hands-off management, Hands-on management(support), Hard Currency, Hard capital rationing, Hard currency, Hard currency, Hard sell, Hardware, Harmless warrant, Have keen senses, Head & shoulders, Head and Shoulders, Head and shoulders, Headhunter, Headhunting, Hedge, Hedge, Hedge Funds, Hedge Ratio for an option, Hedge fund, Hedge fund, Hedge ratio, Hedge ratio (delta), Hedged portfolio, Hedgie, Hedging, Hedging, Hedging, Hedging, Hedging Demands, Hedging demands, Hedging instruments, Hell-or-high-water contract, Help-Wanted Index, Hemorrhaging company, Herstatt risk, Heteroscedasticity, Hidden advertising, Hidden assets, Hidden costs, Hidden liabilities, High, High price, High-coupon bond refunding, High-quality corporate bond funds, High-tech stock, High-technology company, High-yield bond, High-yield bond funds, Highly regulated entities, Highly leveraged transaction, Highly leveraged transaction, Hilo index, Hindrance, Historical Quarterly Returns, Historical cost, Historical exchange rate, Historical volatility, Hit, Hockey stick method, Holdback, Holder, Holder of record, Holder-of-record date, Holding, Holding Company Depositary Receipts, Holding company, Holding company, Holding period, Holding period, Holding period return, Homemade dividend, Homemade leverage, Homogeneity, Homogeneous, Homogeneous oligopoly, Homogenous expectations assumption, Homoscedasticity, Horisontal integration, Horizon Analysis, Horizon analysis, Horizon return, Horizontal acquisition, Horizontal analysis, Horizontal diversification, Horizontal merger, Horizontal spread, Host, Host security, Hostile takeover, Hot, Hot money, Hot money, Hot stamping, Households Using Radio, Households Using Television, …


Idiosyncratic Risk, Idle, Ignorance, Illiquid investment, Image, Image building, Immature investment, Immediate settlement, Immunization, Immunization strategy, Implicit costs, Implied Volatility, Implied call, Implied repo rate, Implied volatility, Implied volatility, Import competition, Import transaction, Import-substitution development strategy, Imports, Impression, Improbable, Impulse buy, Imputation tax system, imperfect competition, In a qualified sense, In the box, In-house processing float, In-substance defeasance, In-the-money, Inadvertent, Inappropriate advertising, Incentive arrangements, Incentive deal, Incentive program, Income Beneficiary, Income Funds, Income Statement, Income Stocks, Income beneficiary, Income bond, Income effect, Income fund, Income funds, Income shares, Income statement (statement of operations), Income stock, Income tax, Incorporated, Increase in demand, Increase in supply, Increasing returns, Incremental cash flows, Incremental costs and benefits, Incremental internal rate of return, +/- Index, Indebtedness, Indemnification, Indemnity, Indemnity, Indemnity, Indenture, Independent director, Independent project, Independent venture capital companies, Index, Index, Index Fund, Index Funds, Index Investing, Index and Option Market (IOM), Index arbitrage, Index fund, Index model, Index option, Index warrant, Indexed bond, Indexing, Indicated dividend, Indicated yield, Indicator, Indicator, Indifference curve, Indirect Quotation, Indirect business taxes, Indirect costs, Indirect labour, Indirect materials, Indirect quote, Individual demand, Individual supply, Inducement fund, Inductive reasoning, Industrial Production, Industrial and commercial finance corporation, Industrial policy, Industrial revenue bond, Industry, Industry, Industry average, …


J-curve, Jensen index, Jeopardize, Jeopardy, Jingle, Job analysis, Job product or costing, Joiner provision, Joint Account, Joint account, Joint clearing members, Joint venture, Joint venturing, Joint-stock company, Juggernaut, Jumbo loan, Junior debt (subordinate debt), Junior issue, Junior securities, Junk bond, Jurisdiction, Just noticeable difference, Just-in-time, Just-in-time inventory systems, Just-in-time system


Kappa, Key industry, Key man clause, Kickback, Kiosk, Kiretsu, Know how, Know-how, Know-how activity, Knowledge Economy, Knowledge management, Knowledge worker, Knowledge workers, Kurtosis


Labour force, Labour intensiveness, Labour productivity, Labour turnover, Labour-intensive commodity, Ladder strategy, Laffer curve, Lag response of prepayments, Lambda, Lame duck, Large MBOs, Large-cap stocks, Last, Last split, Last trading day, Last-In, first-out, Last-In-First-Out, Last-in-first-out, Latter-round financing, Launch, Law of demand, Law of diminishing marginal utility, Law of increasing opportunity costs, Law of one price, Law of supply, LEAPS, Lead, Lead manager, Lead underwriter, Leading Economic Indicators, Leading economic indicators, Leaflet, Leafleting, Leakage, Lease, Lease, Lease Rate, Leasing, Least-cost combination rule of resources, Leaver provision, Ledger cash, Legacy application, legacy system, Legal capital, Legal defeasance, Legal entity, Legal investments, Legal risk, Legal status, Legislative guide, Lend, Lender, Lessee, Lessor, Let the buyer beware, Letter of comment, Letter of credit, Letter of intent, Letter stock, Level load, Level pay, Level-coupon bond, Leverage, Leverage, Leverage, Leverage, Leverage Ratio, Leverage clientele, Leverage effect, Leverage ratios, Leverage rebalancing, Leveraged beta, Leveraged build-up, Leveraged buyout, Leveraged buyout, Leveraged company, Leveraged equity, Leveraged lease, Leveraged portfolio, Leveraged required return, Liabilities, Liabilities/Assets ratio, Liability, Liability, Liability, Liability funding strategies, Liability swap, LIBOR, Licence, Lien, Lifecycle, Lifecycle, Lifecycle of buyouts, Lifelong Learning, Lifestyle, Lifting a leg, Lightbox, Likelihood, Limit, Limit, Limit Order, …


Macaulay duration, Macro- environment, Macro- environment, Magic of diversification, Magnetic stripe, Mail float, Mail shot, Maintenance margin requirement, Maintenance or variation margin, Majority shareholder, Majority voting, Make a market, Making delivery, Malice, Managed float, Management, Management, Management, Management of proceedings, Management Expense Ratio, MER, Management Fee, Management account, Management account, Management buy-in, Management buy-in, Management buyout, Management buyout, Management buyout, Management by exception, Management by exception, Management charge, Management charge, Management commission, Management commission, Management company, Management company, Management consultant\, Management contract, Management contract, Management employee buy-out, Management employee buy-out, Management fee, Management fee, Management fee, Management stock, Management stock, Management/closely held shares, Management’s discussion, Manager, Manager, Managerial decisions, Managing director, Managing director, Mandatory redemption schedule, Manipulative, Manufactured housing securities, Manufacturing resource planning, Margin, Margin, Margin, Margin, Margin Account, Margin account (Stocks), Margin call, Margin call, Margin of safety, Margin requirement (Options), Margin trading, Marginal, Marginal cost, Marginal cost, Marginal product, Marginal product, Marginal rate of substitution, Marginal resource cost, Marginal revenue, Marginal revenue product, Marginal revenue product=Marginal resource cost rule MRP=MRC rule, Marginal revenue=marginal cost rule, Marginal tax rate, Marginal utility, Mark-to-Market, Mark-to-market, Marked-to-market, Market, Market, Market Capitalization, Market Capitalization Rate, Market Model, Market analysis, Market attractiveness, Market build-up, Market capacity, Market capacity, Market capitalization, Market capitalization, Market capitalization rate, Market challengers, Market clearing, Market competitor chart, …


Naamlose Vennootschap, Naive diversification, Naked option strategies, Naked strategies, Name advertising, Narrow market, National Association of Investors Corporation, National Association of Securities Dealers, National Association of Securities Dealers, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations system, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations system, National Futures Association, National income, Nationalization, Natural language processing, Natural monopoly, Near-money, Nearby, Nearby futures contract, Necessary Margin, Negative amortization, Negative carry, Negative cash flow, Negative convexity, Negative covenant, Negative duration, Negative pledge clause, Neglected firm effect, Negligence, Negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW), Negotiated certificate of deposit, Negotiated markets, Negotiated offering, Negotiated sale, Nepotism, Net, Net Asset Value, NAV, Net Assets, Net Fund Flows, Net adjusted present value, Net advantage of refunding, Net advantage to leasing, Net advantage to merging, Net asset value, Net asset value (NAV), Net assets, Net assets, Net assets value, Net benefit to leverage factor, Net book value, Net book value, Net cash balance, Net change, Net errors and omissions, Net financing cost, Net float, Net income, Net investment, Net lease, Net operating losses, Net operating margin, Net period, Net position, Net present value, Net present value of future investments, Net present value of growth opportunities, Net present value rule, Net private domestic investment, Net profit margin, Net profit margin, Net profit per employee, Net return to the funder, Net salvage value, Net working capital, Net worth, Net worth, Netting, Netting, Netting and set-off, Netting out, Network Society, Network Technologies, Networked Economy, Networking, Networking, Neural Nets, Neutral period, New Home Sales, New York Futures Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, New money, New product development, New technology based small firms, New-issues market, Newsletters, Next futures contract, Nikkei 225 Index, Nikkei Index, …


OBI order, OBI order request, Object-oriented graphics, Objective, Objective (mutual funds), Obligation, Obligator, Obligator, Observation period, Occurence, Odd lot, Odd lot dealer, Oferta, Oferta, Off-balance-sheet financing, Off-card rate, Off-shore, Offence/offense, Offensive warfare, Offer, Offer, Offer price, Offer/Ask, Offering memorandum, Offerings, Official reserves, Official statement, Official unrequited transfers, Offset, Offshore company, Offshore finance subsidiary, Okun’s law, Old-line factoring, Oligopoly, Oligopsony, Omission, Omitted dividend, Omnibus account, On the run, One Cancels the Other, One man picture, One-factor APT, One-way market, Online Storefront, Online analytical processing, Open (good-till-cancelled) order, Open Buying on the Internet, Open Interest, Open Trades, Open account, Open book, Open contracts, Open economy, Open good-till-canceled Оrder, Open interest, Open position, Open position, Open repo, Open-end Funds, Open-end fund, Open-end fund, Open-end funds, Open-end mortgage, Open-market operation, Open-market purchase operation, Open-outcry, Opening price, Opening purchase, Opening sale, Opening, the, Operating cash flow, Operating cycle, Operating exposure, Operating lease, Operating leverage, Operating profit margin, Operating risk, Operational control risk, Operational risk, Operationally efficient market, Operations research, Opinion shopping, Opportunity To See, Opportunity cost of capital, Opportunity costs, Opportunity costs, Opportunity set, Optimal portfolio, Optimal redemption provision, Optimization approach to indexing, Option, Option, Option, Option Premium, Option elasticity, Option not to deliver, Option premium, Option price, Option seller, Option-adjusted spread, …


P/E Effect, P/E effect, P/E ratio, P&L, P&S , Pac-Man strategy , Pac-man deference, Pad, Pairoff , Panel, Pantone, Paper, Paper gain (loss)  , Paper money, Paperless office, Par, Par value, Par value, Parallel investment agreementa, Parallel loan , Parallel shift in the yield curve, Parameter, Paris Interbank Offer Rate, Parity, Parking, Partial equilibrium analysis, Participating GIC, Participating fees , Partner, Partner, Partnership, Party-Plant, Pass-through coupon rate , Pass-through rate, Pass-through securities , Passive Portfolio, Passive foreign company, Passive income, Passive instrument management, Passive investment strategy, Passive investor, Passive portfolio, Passive portfolio strategy, Passively Managed Funds, Passive audience, Passive media, Patent, Patent agent, Path dependent option, Patient capital, Pay-back period, Pay-up , Payable through drafts, Payables, Payback, Paydown, Paying capacity, Payment Gateway, Payment System, Payment date, Payment date, Payment float, Payment-in-kind bond, Payments netting, Payments pattern , Payoff, Payout, Payout ratio , Payroll tax, Peak, Pecking-order view (of capital structure), Penalty, Pending contracts, Penny Stocks, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Pension fund, Pension plan, Pension sponsors , People Meter, People chemistry, Perceived product quality, Percent in Top Five Holdings, Percentage dilution, Perfect capital market , Perfect competition, Perfect hedge , Perfect market view (of capital structure), Perfect market view (of dividend policy), Perfect price, Perfected first lien, Perfectly competitive financial markets, Performance, Performance attribution analysis, Performance evaluation, Performance measurement, Performance related pay, Performance shares, Performance test, Periodic rate, Periodical publications, …


Q rating, Q ratio or Tobin's Q ratio, Quadratic programming, Qualification, Qualification shares, Qualified approval, Qualified circulation, Qualified middleman, Qualified reach, Qualified reader, Qualified respondent, Qualified viewer, Qualifying share, Qualitative ratings, Qualitative research, Quality, Quality of product, Quality option, Quality spread, Quantitative Аnalysis, Quantity demanded, Quantity supplied, Quanto swap, Quantos, Quasi-equity investmen, Quick assets, Quick assets, Quick assets ratio, Quick ratio, Quick ratio, Quota sample, Quotation, Quotation, Quote, Quoted Currency, Quoted investment


R-Squared, Raider, Rainmaker, Rally, Rally (recovery), Random variable, Random walk, Random walk, Randomized strategy, Range, Range, Range forward, % Rank in Category, RARORAC, Ratchet, Ratchet effect, Rate, Rate Anticipation Swap, Rate anticipation swaps, Rate card, Rate lock, Rate of interest, Rate of interest, Rate of return, Rate of return, Rate of return ratios, Rate of temptation, Rate risk, Rates, Rating, Ratings, Ratio, Rational expectations, Rationalization, Rationing function of price, Ratios, Ratios, Raw materials, Reach, Reach media banners, Reaction, Read between the lines, Real Assets,, Real Earnings, Real assets, Real capital, Real cash flow, Real estate investment trust, Real estate mortgage investment conduit, Real exchange rates, Real income, Real interest rate, Real market, Real rate of return, Real time, Real values, Real wage, Real-Time EDI, Realized compound yield, Realized investment, Realized return, Rebalancing, Rebalancing , Rebound, Receivables balance fractions, Receivables turnover ratio, Receiver, Recency, Recession, Recession, Reckless, Reckless disregard, Reclamation, Record date, Recourse, Recourse, Recovery, Rectification costs, Red herring, Redeem, Redeemable, Redeemable shares, Redemption, Redemption, Redemption charge, Redemption cushion, Redemption fee, Redemption right, Reengineering, Reference group, Reference rate, Referred deals, Refundable, Refunded bond, Refunding, Regional fund, Regional funds, Registered Trader, Registered bond, Registered bond, …


Sub-chapter S corporation, Safe harbor lease, Safekeep, Sale, Sale of the business as a going concern, Sale and lease-back, Sale of rccounts receivable, Sales, Sales Charge, Sales Promotion, Sales charge, Sales forecast, Sales forecast, Sales forecasting, Sales per employee, Sales pitch, Sales promotion, Sales tax, Sales-type lease, Salvage value, Sample, Sampling, Sampling by taste, Sampling observation, Samurai bond, Samurai market, Saturation, Savings, Savings and Loan association, Savings deposits, SBIC, Scale, Scale enhancing, Scale in, Scalp, Scalper, Scenario analysis, Scenario analysis, Scheduled cash flows, Schumpeter Galbraith view, Science park, Scope, Scout, Screening, Screening, Scrip issue, Search, Search costs, Search engine, Seasoned datings, Seasoned issue, Seasoned new issue, SEC, Second guess, Second pass regression, Second-priority security interest on encumbered property, Secondary issue, Secondary market, Secondary market, Secondary marketing information, Secondary placing, Secondary purchase, Section 482, Sector, Sector fund, Sector fund, Sectoral issues, Secure Electronic Transaction, Secure Socket Layer, Secured bonds, Secured claim, Secured creditor, Secured debt, Secured debt, Secured lender's consent, Securities, Securities & Exchange Commission, Securities Exchange and Commission, Securities analysts, Securitization, Security, Security, Security Analysis, Security Selection Decision, Security characteristic line, Security deposit (initial), Security deposit (maintenance), Security interest, Security market line, Security market plane, Security selection, Security selection decision, Seed, Seed capital, Seed financing, Seed fund, Seed stage, Selective observation, Self-interest, Self-liquidating fund, …


T-period holding-period return, Tabledot, Tactical Asset Allocation, Tail, Take, Take literally, Take Profit, Take a position, Take-or-pay contract, Take-out, Take-up fee, Takeover, Takeover, Takeover bid, Takeover bidder, Takeover financing, Taking a delivery, Taking a view, Tandem programs, Tangible and intangible assets, Tangible asset, Target audience, Target cash balance, Target company, Target firm, Target market, Target payout ratio, Target rating point, Target zone arrangement, Targeted audience, Targeted repurchase, Task worker, Tax, Tax Efficiency Ratio, Tax Reform Act of 1986, Tax anticipation bills, Tax avoidance, Tax benefits, Tax books, Tax clawback agreement, Tax deduction, Tax deferral option, Tax differential view (of dividend policy), Tax evasion, Tax exemption, Tax form, Tax free acquisition, Tax haven, Tax haven, Tax heavens, Tax incentive, Tax paradise, Tax shelter, Tax shield, Tax swap, Tax transparency, Tax transparent, Tax-adjusted Return, Tax-deferred investment, Tax-deferred retirement plans, Tax-exempt sector, Tax-free bond funds, Tax-timing option, Taxable acquisition, Taxable bond funds, Taxable income, Taxable transaction, Taxable-Bond Funds, Taxation risk, Technical Indicators, Technical analysis, Technical analysis, Technical analysts, Technical condition of a market, Technical descriptors, Technical insolvency, Technology, TED spread, Telebanking, Telemarketing, Television audience measurement, Teleworking, Template, Temporal method, Temporarily surplus funds, Tender, Tender, Tender offer, Tender offer premium, Tenor, Tenure, Term Fed Funds, Term bonds, Term insurance, Term life insurance, Term loan, Term premiums, Term repo, Term sheet, Term structure of interest rates, …


U.S. Treasury bill, U.S. Treasury bond, U.S. Treasury bond funds, U.S. Treasury bonds, U.S. Treasury note, U.S. Treasury securities, U.S. Treasury-only money funds, U.S. government agency bonds, Unaided brand awareness, Unbiased predictor, Unbundling, Uncertainty, Uncertainty, Uncollectable account, Uncollectable loan, Uncollectable outstandings, Uncorrelated exposure, Uncovered call, Uncovered put, Undercapitalisation, Undercharging, Underestimate, Underfunded pension plan, Underground economy, Underinvestment problem, Underlying, Underlying, Underlying asset, Underlying security, Underperform, Underperforming, Underpricing, Undervaluation, Undervalued transactions, Undervalued business, Undervalued company, Underwrite, Underwrite, Underwriter, Underwriting, Underwriting, Underwriting fee, Underwriting income, Underwriting syndicate, Underwritten offering, Undisbursed loan, Undistributed corporate profits, Undistributed profit, Undiversifiable risk, Undue advantage, Undue preference, Unearned income, Unemployment Rate, Unemployment rate, Unemployment rate, Unencumbered, Unfair competition, Unfunded debt, Unilateral transfers, Uninsurable risk, Uninsured high-quality municipal bond funds, Uninsured high-yield municipal bond funds, Unique risk, Unique selling offer, Unique selling point, Unissued stock, Unit, Unit benefit formula, Unit cost, Unit investment trust, Unit labour cost, Unitary, Unitary elasticity, Universal Serial Bus, Universal life, Unleveraged beta, Unleveraged required return, Unlimited credit, Unlimited liability, Unlimited wants, Unlisted stock, Unmatched book, Unpaid dividend, Unquoted (unlisted) company, Unquoted development investment, Unrealized portfolio, Unrecoverable debt, Unrelated Business Taxable Income, Unreliable information, Unrivaled, Unseasoned issue, Unsecured creditors, Unsecured debt, Unsecured bonds/debentures, Unsecured credit, Unsecured debt, Unsecured debt, Unsecured loan, Unsolicited contact, Unsought goods, …


Valid, Valid Date, Validity, Valuation, Valuation, Value, Value Date, Value Stocks, Value added, Value additivity principle, Value at Risk, Value averaging investing, Value chain, Value date, Value date, Value dating, Value funds, Value manager, Value network, value chain initiative, Value of money, Value-added tax, Value-added tax, Value-at-Risk model, Vanilla issue, Variable, Variable annuities, Variable cost, Variable life insurance policy, Variable price security, Variable rate CDs, Variable rate loan, Variable rated demand bond, Variance, Variance, Variance minimization approach to tracking, Variance rule, Variation, Variation Margin, Variation margin, Velocity of money, Vendor, Vennootschap Met Beperkte Aansparkelij kheid, Venture backed company, Venture capital, Venture capital, Venture capital, Venture capital company, Venture capital seed funds, Venture capital trusts, Venture capitalist, Venture financing, Venturing, Venturing fund, Vertical acquisition, Vertical analysis, Vertical combination, Vertical integration, Vertical line charting, Vertical merger, Vertical spread, Viability, Viable project, Video-on-demand, Virtual Communities, Virtual Corporation, Virtual Economy, Virtual bank, Virtual currency option, Visible supply, Visitation right, Void and voidable transactions, Volatility, Volatility, Volatility, Volatility Risk, Volatility ratio, Volatility risk, Volume, Volume, Voluntary proceedings, Voluntary contribution, Voting right, Voting stock, Vulnerable, Vulture fund


W-type bottom, Wage, Wage differential, Wage-price inflationary spiral, Wages fund, Waitingperiod, Wall Street, Wall Street analyst, Wall advertisement, Wallflower, Want-satisfying quality, Wanted for cash, Warehousereceipt, Warehousing, Warrant, Warrant, Warrant, Wash, Wash sale, Washout, Wastage allowance, Wastes of monopolistic competition, Wastingasset, Watchlist, Weak Hands, Weak form efficiency, Weaknesses or Strengths, Web lifestyle, Web workstyle, Weekendeffect, Weighted average cost of capital, Weighted average coupon, Weighted average life, Weighted average maturity, Weighted average portfolio yield, Weighted average remaining maturity, Well diversified portfolio, Whistle-blower, White collar worker, White knight, White knight, White squire, Whole life insurance, Wholesale mortgage banking, Wi, Wi wi, Wild cardoption, Wildcat, Windfall, Windfall taxation, Windfull profit, Window dressing, Window shopping, Windowcontract, Wining and dining, Winners'scurse, Wire, Wirehouse, Withdividend, Withdrawalplan, Withholdingtax, Without, Withoutrecourse, Withrights, Wizard, Wobbler, Woody, Word of mouth recommendation, Work in progress, Workforce, Workforce Management, Working capital, Working capital management, Working control, Working ratio, Workingcapital, Workout, Workout period, Workshop, World Bank, World funds, World investible wealth, Worst case, Write-down, Write-off, Writer, Written-down value


X.12, X-dividend date, X-Trade или Cross Trade, XCH, XW


Yankee dollar CDs, Yard, Year 2000 Problem, Yield, Yield, Yield, Yield curve, Yield-to-Maturity, Young investment


Z bond, Zapping, Zero coupon Treasury bond funds, Zero-balance account, Zero-beta portfolio, Zero-coupon bond, Zero-investment portfolio, Zero-one integer programming, Zero-sum game, Zipping, Zscore

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