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128- bit key, 16th Department of KGB


A posteriori, A posteriori probability, A priory, A priory probability, Abelian group, Absolute meaning, Abuse-free, Abuse-free cryptosystem, Abwehr, Abwehr Enigma, Accept, Accept as an authenticator, Access, Access Internet traffic, Access control, Access control, Access control, Access control cryptosystem, Access control mechanism, Access control policy, Access control service, Access level, Access private and commercial communications, Access to keys, Access to two cryptograms in different keys for the same plaintext is very helpful to a cryptanalyst, Access type, Accidental threats, Accountability, Accountability, Activation, Activation key, Active attack, Active eavesdropping, Active key, Active threat, Active wiretap, Actual cryptosystem, Actual key, Actually, Actually used key, Adams Carlisle, Adapted from, Adaptive, Adaptive-chosen-ciphertext attack, Adaptive-chosen-plaintext attack, Adaptive-chosen-plaintext attack secure, Add, Add bit by bit, Add bitwise, Add-on, Add-on cryptographic software package, Addition, Addition modulo 2, Additional, Additional decryption key, Additional key, Additive, Additive combiner, Additive stream cipher, Adelman, Adjacent, Adjacent network nodes, Adjudicator, Advance, Advance distribution of keys, Advanced, Advanced Encryption Standard, Advanced cryptanalysis, Advances, Advances in cryptology, Advances in the cryptanalysis of a cipher, Adversary, Affine, Affine cipher, Affine mapping, Agency, Agnes, Agree, Agree on a key in advance, Agreed-upon, Agreed-upon key, Aids, Alberti, Algebraic, Algebraic attack, Algebraic cipher, Algebraic normal form, Algorithm, Algorithm supported encryption, Algorithmic, Algorithmic encryption, Alice, All-key, All-key Attack, Allied Communications and Computer Security Agency, Allophone, Almost perfect non-linear function, Alphabet, Alphabet wheel, Alphabetic, …


Back-break, Backdoor, Backup, Backup plan, Backward, Backward asymmetric encryption, Baconian cipher, Bad-Guy, Balanced, Balanced function, Band, Band scrambler, Band scrambler-inverter, Band shift, Band shift inverter scrambler, Band shift splitter, Band splitting, Base, Base key, Basic, Basic Assertion Process, Basic cryptanalysis, Basis, Batch, Batch key, Beale, Beale cipher, Beaufor square, Beaufort, Beaufort cipher, Bella-LaPadula model, Beobachtungs-Dienst, Best, Best of known attacks on a cipher, Best possible cryptanalytic algorithm, Beurling, Bi-letter, Bible code, Bicomposite, Bicomposite modulus, Bidirectional, Bidirectional asymmetric encryption, Bidirectional key, Bifid, Bifid cipher, Big Brother, Big-O notation, Bigram, Bigram cipher, Bigram counting frequency, Bijection, Bijective, Bijective public-key cryptosystem, Bilateral, Bilateral key, Bilateral key exchange, Bilinear, Bilinear cipher, Biliteral, Biliteral cipher alphabet, Biliteral cipher system, Biliteral cipher system with variants, Binary, Binary, Binary additive stream cipher, Binary cryptosystem, Binary distribution, Binary function, Binary key, Binary power, Binary sequence, Binary sequence generator, Binary substitution cipher, Binding, Biometric representations, Biometrics, Birthday attack, Birthday paradox, Bit, Bit of a key, Bit operation, Bit pattern, Bit per second, Bit stream cipher, Bit stream generator, Bit string, Bit substitution cipher, Bit-by-bit encryption, Bit-cipher feedback, Bit-differences, Bit-gth, Bit-map, Bit-mapping, Bit-oriented cipher feedback, Bit-security, Bit-sequence, Bitserial, Bitwise, Bitwise XOR, Black Code, …


Cable, Cable, Cable communication, Cable interception, Cable security portal, Cable tapping, Cablegram, Caesar, Caesar cipher, Calculate, Calculate an encryption key given a decryption key, Call, Call management server, Call sign, Call sign cipher, Call up, Call up procedure, Callword, CANYON, Candidate, Candidate for a key, Candidate key, Canister, Capability, Capstone, Capture, Capture a codebook, Capture all communications, Capture cargo, Capture cargo vector, Card Verification Value, Carrier, Cascade, Cascade cipher, Cascade linear feedback shift registers, Cascaded, Cascaded connection of shift registers, Cascaded superencipherment, Category, Catoprical, Catoprical cryptography, Cellular automaton, Cellular mobile phones, Center for Cryptologic History, Center key, Central, Central Cipher Bureau, Central Intelligence Agency, Central Office for Cryptology, Central Security Service, Central Service for Security and Information Systems, Central keying authority, Centralized, Centralized COMINT Communications Center, Centralized key distribution, Centralized key generation, Centralized key infrastructure, Centralized key management, Centrally, Centrally -produced key, Cepstrum, Cepstrum analysis, Certificate, Certificate Revocation List, Certificate policy, Certification, Certification, Certification Authority, Certification authority workstation, Certification of origination, Certification of receipt, Certification path, Certificational, Certificational weakness, Certified, Certified cryptosystem, Certified key, Certified prime, Certified public directory, Certify, CHALET, Chained, Chained key, Chaining, Chaining cipher, Challenge, Change, Change a code, Change a key з, Change of keys, Changeover, Changeover to a spare key, Channel, Channel capacity, Character, Character dependency, Character frequency, Character frequency count, Character set, Character-oriented communication, …


Daily, Daily key, Daily keying element, Dancing Men, Dark-side, Dark-side hacker, Data, Data Cryptography, Data Encryption Algorithm, Data Encryption Standard, Data Integrity, Data Leakage Prevention, Data Link Enciphering Standard, Data Protection, Data authentication, Data authentication code, Data ciphering operation, Data ciphering processor, Data ciphering unit, Data communication equipment, Data compression, Data confidentiality, Data element, Data enciphering key, Data encipherment equipment, Data encrypting key, Data encryption device, Data encryption equipment, Data encryption key, Data encryption processor, Data exchange key, Data integrity, Data link encryptor, Data origin authentication, Data scrambling device, Data security, Data security device, Data-dependent encryption, Data-dependent key, De facto, De facto standard for the encryption of electronic mail, De-encryption, De-tapper, Deceit, Decentralized, Decentralized key distribution, Decentralized key management, Decimated, Decimated sequence, Decipher, Decipher, Decipher a code, Decipher key, Decipher on the fly, Decipherable, Decipherable in polynomial time, Deciphered, Deciphered message, Decipherer, Deciphering, Deciphering alphabet, Deciphering equation, Deciphering function, Deciphering key, Deciphering process, Deciphering process, Deciphering rule, Decipherment, Decodability, Decode, Decode, Decodement, Decoder, Decoding, Decoding algorithm, Decoding key, Decrypt, Decrypt, Decrypt-only key, Decrypted, Decrypted message, Decrypting, Decrypting service, Decrypting unit, Decryption, Decryption capabilities, Decryption device, Decryption efforts, Decryption key, Decryption of ciphertext, Decryption process, Decryption round structure, Decryptment, Decryptor, Defense, Defense Data Network, Defense Intelligence Agency, Defense Message System, Defense Messaging Service, Defense Signals Directorate, …


Easy, Easy knapsack, Easy to-break cipher, Eavesdrop, Eavesdrop on legitimate messages, Eavesdropper, Eavesdropping, Eavesdropping by emanation, Eavesdropping by wiretap, Eavesdropping network, Eavesdropping on telephone conversations, Echelon, Effective, Effective size of a secret key, Effectively, Effectively unbreakable cryptosystem, Efficiency, Efficiency of encryption, Effort, Effort involved in an attack, El Gamal Cryptosystem, Electrically, Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory, Electromagnetic, Electromagnetic eavesdropping, Electronic, Electronic (business) Data Interchange, Electronic Funds Transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale, Electronic code book, Electronic commerce, Electronic cryptography, Electronic emission, Electronic espionage, Electronic fill device, Electronic intelligence, Electronic interception, Electronic key, Electronic key distribution, Electronic key management system, Electronic keying, Electronic mail, Electronic mail message, Electronic money, Electronic reconnaissance, Electronic signature, Electronic surveillance, Electronic transmission, Electronic warfare, Electronically, Electronically generated key, Electronically transferred key, Element, Elementary, Elementary cryptanalysis, Elementary cryptography, Elementary key, Elgar, Elliptic, Elliptic curve, Elliptic curve (factoring) method, elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem, Email spam, Emanation, Emanation integrity, Embeddable, Embedded, Embedded cryptographic system, Embedded cryptography, Emergence key erase button, Emergency, Emergency key, Emission, Emission security, En route, En route to a destination a key should be kept secret, Enable, Enable encryption, Encapsulating Security Payload, Encipher, Encipher below decipher above, Encipher function, Encipher in a key, Encipher on the Enigma, Encipher on the fly, Encipher right decipher left, Encipher with a binary sequence, Encipherbility, Enciphered, Enciphered block, Enciphered ciphertext, Enciphered code, Enciphered data, Enciphered key, Enciphered message, Encipherer, Enciphering, Enciphering alphabet, Enciphering bit, Enciphering data, …


Fabricated, Facilities, Facsimile, Facsimile, Facsimile encryption, Factor, Factor, Factor a composite number, Factor-ring, Factoring, Factoring methods, Factorization, Factorization cryptosystem, Factory, Factory-installed key, Factory-programmed, Fail-safe, Fail-safe circuit, Fail-stop, Fail-stop signature scheme, Failure, Fake, Fake key, False, Family, Family of cipher machines, Fast, Fast Data Finder, Fast Encryption Algorithm, Fast Fourier transform, Fast Walsh Transform, Fault, Fault analysis, Fault analysis attack, Feasible, Feasible decryption, Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Information Processing Standard 140-1, Federal Information Processing Standards, Federal Information Security Agency, Feedback, Feedback coefficient, Feedback function, Feedback polynomial, Feedback shift register, Feedback tap, Feedback with carry shift register, Feistel, Feistel cipher, Fermat, Fermat prime, Fermat's little theorem, Fetterlein, Fibonacci, Fibonacci keystream generator, Field, Field, Field cipher, Field of characteristic q, Field of cryptography, Field-mode encryption, File, File grow factor, Fill, Fill, Fill device, Filter, Filter generator, Financial, Financial Institution Message Authentication Standard, Financial cryptography, Find, Find a key, Fingerprint, Finite, Finite field logarithm, Finite field with q elements, Finite key, Firewall, Fixed, Fixed cipher mode, Fixed coefficient random number generator, Fixed length key, Fixed plaintext message unit, Fixed-key cipher, Flat, Flat key space, Flaw, Flaw in the encipherment, Flawed, Flawed cipher, Forced, Forced key change, Foreign, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Appeals Court, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, Foreign communications, Forge, …


G binary sequence, G-random, Gadsby, Gain, Gain access, Galois, Galois field, Galois shift register, Game, Game theory cryptography, Gamma, Gamming, Gap, Garbled, Garbled message, Gardening, Gear, General, General model of authentication, General purpose computer, General-purpose factoring algorithm, Generalized, Generalized DES, Generate, Generate a ciphertext, Generating, Generating cycle, Generating polynomial, Generation, Generation of keys, Generator, Generator polynomial, Generic, Generic key, Generic security service application program interface, Genetic, Genetic algorithm, Genuine, Genuine key, Geometric, Geometric transposition cipher, German Book, Gifford, Gifford's cipher, Global, Global Cybersecurity Agenda, Global public key infrastructure, Go, Go green, Go secure button, Gold Bug, Golomb, Golomb 's postulates, Golomb 's randomness postulates, Good, Good cipher, Goppa code, GOST 28147-89, Government, Government Code and Cipher School, Government Code and Cipher School, Government Communications Security Bureau, Government-endorsed encryptor, Governmental, Governmental Communications Head-Quarters, Governmental School of Codes and Ciphers, Granularity, Graph, Graph coloring problem, Greatest common divisor, Green Book, Grille, Grille transposition, Group, Group key, Group signature, Group structure, Guard, Guard key, Guess, Guess a key, Guessed


Hack, Hacker, Hacker's trick, Hacker-proof, hacking, Hadamard, Hadamard product, Hadamard transform, Hagelin, Hagelin machine, Half-rotor, Hamiltonian path problem, Hamming, Hamming distance, Hamming weight, Hamming weight of a key, Hamming-weight attack, Hamming-weight cryptanalysis, Hand, Hand -delivered key, Hand cipher, Handshake, Hard, Hard integer, Hard task, Hard-copy key, Hard-copy keying, Hard-drive encryption program, Hard-to-break cipher, Hard-to-invert function, Hardware, Hardware cracker, Hardware cryptoalgorithm-cracker, Hardware encryption, Hardware key, Hardware random number generator, Hardware-assisted encryption, Hardware-based key, Hardware-implemented encryption, Hardwired, Hardwired key entry, Hash, Hash function, Hashing, Hashing algorithm, Header, Header Fields, Header encryption, Hellman, Hexadecimal, Hexadecimal key, Hidden-key cryptography, Hide, Hierarchical trust, Hierarchy, Hierarchy of keys, High-frequency, High-grade, High-grade cryptosecurity, High-grade military communications, High-level, High-security, High-security cipher, High-security key, High-speed, High-speed cryptography, Highest, Highest frequency letter, Hill, Hill cipher system, Historical work characteristic, Hobbyist, Hobbyist cipher, Homogeneous, Homogeneous cipher, Homomorphism, Homophone, Homophonic, Homophonic cipher, Homophonic substitution, Hop, Hop inverter, Host Security Module, Hostile, Hostile outsider, Hotline, Hours, Human intelligence, Hut, Hybrid, Hybrid cryptosystem, Hybrid public-secret key cryptosystem, Hyperplane, Hypothesis, Hypothesis-testing problem


Ideal, Ideal cipher, Idempotent, Idempotent element, Identifiable information, Identification, Identification, Identification friend or foe system, Identification of a cipher system, Identification of a plaintext, Identifier, Identify, Identify a key, Identity, Identity, Identity Assurance, Identity Assurance Model, Identity Bridge Provider, Identity Broker, Identity Provider, Identity assurance functions and services, Identity attributes, Identity compromise, Identity credentials, Identity management, Identity service, Identity transformation, Identity-based cryptosystem, Identity-based security policy, Idiomorphic, Idle, Idle mode, Immune, Immune to linear cryptanalysis, Immunization, Impenetrable, Impenetrable cryptosystem, Imperfect, Imperfect cipher, Impersonate, Impersonate a sender, Impersonation, Impersonation attack, Impersonation of a transmitter, Implant, Implementation, Implementation of a cryptoalgorithm, Implementation-specific timing characteristics, Implemented, Import encryption, Impossible, Impossible cryptanalysis, Impossible-to-break, Impostor, Improper, Improper encryption, In prep, In prep black, In prep cipher, In prep clear, In prep code, In prep red, In prep the clear, In-built, In-circuit, In-circuit encryption device, In-coming, In-coming message, In-line, In-phase, In-phase autocorrelation, Incidence, Incidence matrix of authenticating rules, Indecipherable, Index, Index calculus, Index of coincidence, Index of cryptographic strength, Indicator, Indicator sequence, Indirect, Indirect attack, Indirect eavesdropping, Indirect encryption, Indirect symmetry method, Indirect symmetry technique, Indivisible, Infallible, Infallible cipher, Infeasible, Infinite, Infinite random key, Information, Information Crime, Information Leakage Detection & Prevention, Information Leakage Protection/Prevention, Information System, Information War, Information Weapon, Information authentication, …


Japanese Navy code № 25, Jefferson, Jefferson cipher wheel, Jevons, Jevons's number, Joy-riding


k-th order product, k-tuple, Kahn, Kasiski, Kasiski method, Kasiski test, Keeper, Kerberos, Kerckhoff, Kerckhoff assumption, Kerckhoff precept, Kerckhoff requirements, Key, Key agreement, Key agreement protocol, Key assignment, Key authentication center, Key backup, Key bank, Key bit, Key card, Key carrier, Key certification, Key certification authority, Key certification center, Key change, Key changeKey, Key character, Key clustering, Key compromise, Key creation function, Key cycle period, Key delivery, Key dependency, Key dependency, Key depth, Key diffusion, Key digits, Key directory, Key disclosure, Key disk, Key distribution, Key distribution center, Key distribution information, Key distribution mechanism, Key distribution node, Key distribution protocol, Key distribution service, Key distribution system, Key encryption, Key entropy, Key entry procedure, Key erasure, Key escrow, Key escrow system, Key exchange, Key exchange algorithm, Key exchange system, Key exchange via third party, Key exhaustion attack, Key expansion, Key exposure, Key extraction, Key field, Key fill device, Key fingerprint, Key format, Key generation, Key generation function, Key generation unit, Key generator, Key hashing, Key hierarchy, Key identification number, Key information, Key injection, Key injector, Key input algorithm, Key insertion, Key insertion set, Key installation, Key installator, Key integrity, Key library, Key life, Key list, Key load, Key load button, Key load device, Key load procedure, Key loader, Key management, Key management center, Key management facilities, Key management information, Key management mechanism, Key management procedure, Key management protocol, Key management system, Key manager, …


Language, Language characteristics, Large, Large integer factorization, Large key space, Latent, Latent repetition, Latin, Latin square, Lattice, Lattice basis reduction, Lattice with basis, Law, Law enforcement access field, Layer, Layer, Leak, Leak into a transmission line as a side-channel, Leakage of information, Least, Least common multiple, Least privilege, Least significant bit, Least square estimation, Legitimate, Legitimate user, Length, Length of a key, Length of a shift register, Lengthen, Lengthen a cryptographic key to 256 bits, Letter, Letter frequency count, Letter-by- letter, Letter-frequency distribution, Letter-pattern cryptanalysis, Level, Level of authorized access to information, License, Life, Life cycle of a key, Lightweight Directory Applications Protocol, Limited, Limited key, Line, Line eavesdropping, Line encryption device, Line level encryption, Line tapping, Line-tap, Line-tapper, Linear, Linear approximation of block ciphers, Linear attack, Linear cipher, Linear combination, Linear complexity, Linear complexity profile, Linear congruential generator, Linear consistency test, Linear cryptanalysis, Linear distribution, Linear feedback shift register, Linear key space, Linear mapping, Linear recurrence, Linear span, Linear transformations based cipher, Linear-resistant function, Linearity, Linearization, Linearize, Linearize a system of non-linear equations, Linearly, Linearly dependent, Linguistic, Linguistic attack, Link, Link encryption, Link encryption, Link encryption device, Link encryption key, Link encryptor, Link key, Link-by-link encipherment, Link-by-link encryption, Link-to-link encryption, Lipogram, Lipstick, List, Listening, Listening post, Listening station, Listening-in, Literal, Literal key, Load, Load, Load a key, loading, …


m-bit ciphertext feedback cipher, m-th order correlation immunity, Machine, Machine cryptography, Magic, Magic intercepts, Mail Objects, Maintenance, Maintenance key, Major, Major key, Make, Make a code, Make an attack on a cipher, Malware, Mandatory access control, Manipulation Detection Code, Manipulation detection, Manual, Manual, Manual aperiodic polyalphabetic substitution cipher, Manual cryptosystem, Manual encryption, Manual key distribution, Manual of cryptography, Manual remote rekeying, Manufacturer, Manufacturer's key, Manufacturer-installed key, Middleperson attack, Map, Map cipher, Mapping, Market, Market for cryptography, Markov, Markov cipher, Masking, Masking cipher, Masquerade, Masquerade as a legitimate user, Masquerade attack, Masquerader, Masquerading, Massey, Master, Master crypto-ignition key, Master key, Master mode, Matched, Matching, Matching key, Matching key pair, Mathematical, Mathematical cryptanalysis, Mathematical cryptography, Mathematically, Mathematically-related keys, Matrix, Matrix cipher, Matrix key distribution scheme, Maximal, Maximal length sequence, Maximal length shift register, Maximal period generator, Maximally, Maximally correlation-immune combiner, Maximum, Maximum a posteriori probability estimation, Maximum likelihood detector, Maximum order complexity of a pseudorandom sequence, May not be challenge, Mean Time Between Failures, Meaningful, Meaningful decryption, Mechanism, Mechanistic, Mechanistic cryptography, Medium-speed, Medium-speed encryptor, Meet-in-the-middle, Meet-in-the-middle attack, Megabit, Megabit data encryption, Megabyte, Megabyte data encryption, Memorize, Memorize a key, Memorized, Memorized key, Memory, Memory complexity, Memory requirement, Merkle, Merkle's channels, Merkle's puzzle, Mersenne, Mersenne prime, Message, Message Digest, …


n-character code, N-letter alphabet, N-stage shift register, Name, Name, Name the enemy ciphers after sea creatures, Named, Named key, Nastygram, National, National Bureau of Standards, National Computer Security Center, National Computer Security Center, National Cгуptologic Museum, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Security Agency, National Security Agency Scientific Advisory Board, Native, Native key, Navaho (Navajo) code, Naval, Naval cipher, Need-to-know, Negligible, Negligible probability, Negotiate, Negotiate separate keys, Negotiated, Network, Network attack, Network cryptosystem, Network key, Network subscriber, Network-based cryptosystem, New, New DES, New directions in cryptography, No, No foreigners, Node, Node encryption, Node key, Node-to-node encryption, Noise, Noise sequence, Nomadic users, Nomenclator, Non-US, Non-US diplomatic communications, Non-alphanumeric, Non-cooperative remote rekeying, Non-cryptographic, Non-deterministic, Non-deterministic Turing machine, Non-deterministic computer, Non-disclosure, Non-error expanding cipher, Non-error propagating cipher, Non-expanding, Non-expanding encipherer, Non-interceptible, Non-interceptible means for data transmission, Non-invertible, Non-iterative, Non-iterative zero-knowledge proof, Non-linear, Non-linear algorithm, Non-linear feedback, Non-linear feedback shift register, Non-linear key space, Non-linear mapping, Non-linear order of a function, Non-linearity, Non-linearity criteria for cryptographic functions, Non-prime number, Non-recallable, Non-recallable key, Non-redundant, Non-redundant source of messages, Non-repeating, Non-repetitive, Non-repetitive cipher, Non-repetitive key, Non-repetitive pseudo-random number generator, Non-repudiation, Non-secret encryption, Non-truncated, Non-truncated congruential generator, Non-uniform, Non-uniform distribution, Non-verbal, Non-verbal traffic, Non-volatile, Non-volatile key, Notarization, Notarized, Notarized key, Notary, NP, NP-complete, …


Object, Object reuse, Observation, Occurrence, Occurrence of bigrams in English, Octet, Off-line, Off-line cipher device, Off-line cryptanalysis, Off-line cryptosystem, Off-line encryption device, Off-line mode, Off-network, On-line, On-line certificate status protocol, On-line cipher device, On-line cryptanalysis, On-line cryptography configuration, On-line cryptosystem, On-line encryption device, On-line key management, On-the-air, On-the-air key load, On-the-fly, On-the-fly encryption, One-part, One-part code, One-time, One-time cipher, One-time cryptosystem, One-time encryption, One-time hash, One-time key, One-time key encryption, One-time pad, One-time signature scheme, One-time tape, One-to-many, One-to-many mapping, One-to-one, One-to-one mapping, One-to-one substitution cipher, One-way, One-way cipher, One-way function, One-way hash function, One-way key, One-word, One-word key, One-word key encryption, Online Certificate Status Protocol, Operation, Operation of decryption, Operation of encryption, Operational, Operational attack, Operational cipher, Operational cryptanalyst, Operational key, Operator, Opponent, Opponent cryptanalyst, Optimal, Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding, Option, Optional, Optional modification, Orange Book, Orange machine, Order, Ordering, Ordering attack, Original, Original key, Original key plaintext, Originate, Originator, Originator's key, Out-of-date, Out-of-date key, Out-of-phase, Out-of-phase autocorrelation, Outbound Content Compliance, Output, Output alphabet, Output block feedback, Output feedback, Output sequence, Output transformation, Outsider, Over-the-air, Over-the-air key distribution, Over-the-air key transfer, Over-the-air rekeying, Overall, Overall diffusion, Override, Owner, Owner key


P, Package, Packet, Packet encryption, Packet of encrypted data, Pad, Padded, Padded message, Padding, Padding, Padding character, Pager, Pager Identification and Message Extraction System, Paging, Paging signals, Painstaking, Painstaking encryption, Pair, Pairwise, Pairwise key, Pairwise key, Pairwise traffic encryption keys, Paper, Paper-tape key, Parameter, Parametrically, Parametrically Extensible Algorithmic Key, Park prop, Partial, Partial key recovery, Partially, Partially linear, Partially-known plaintext cryptanalysis, Participant, Particular, Particular key, Pass, Pass in the clear, Pass keying information to an enemy, Passive, Passive attack, Passive eavesdropping, Passive threat, Passive wiretap, Passphrase, Password, Password encryption, Password encryption key, Password-protected key, Patent, Patent repetition, Pattern, Pattern Information, Pattern identity, Peer-entity authentication, Pending, Pending key, Penetrate, Penetrate KDC, Penetrate diplomatic codes, Penetration, Pentagram, Pentagram count, Pentagram counting, Pentagram frequency, Pentagraph, Per-session, Per-session key, Perfect, Perfect authenticity, Perfect forward secrecy, Perfect nonlinear function, Perfect protection, Perfect secrecy, Perfect security, Perfect shuffle, Perfectly, Perfectly random key, Period, Period determination, Periodic, Periodic cipher, Periodic key, Periodic polyalphabetic substitution cipher, Periodic sequence, Periodic shifted alphabet cipher, Periodicity, Periodicity of a sequence, Permanent, Permanent key, Permutation, Permutation box, Permute, Permuter, Pers Z, Person wearing a nametag in a public space, Personal, Personal Data, Personal communications system, Personal identification number, …


Quadratic, Quadratic congruential generator, Quadratic function, Quadratic residue cipher, Quadratic residue modulo, Quadratic residuosity problem, Quadratic sieve, Quadratic sieve factoring, Quantum computer, Quantum cryptography, Quasirandom, Quasirandom number generator, Quasiweak, Quasiweak key, Quinqueliteral, Quinqueliteral cipher alphabet


Radiation, Radiation-protected, Radio, Radio Eavesdropping, Radio Frequency Identification Device, Radio broadcast network, Radio frequencies, Radio intelligence, Radio intelligence unit, Radio intercept, Radio reconnaissance service, Railway, Railway Enigma, Railway key, Rainbow Series, RAMBUTAN, Random, Random access machine, Random access memory, Random bit generator, Random bit pattern generator, Random cipher, Random cryptanalysis, Random distribution, Random initialization, Random key, Random key encryption, Random key generator, Random mapping, Random mixed sequences, Random number, Random number generator, Random number generator, Random padding, Random permutation, Randomization, Randomize, Randomized, Randomized encipherment system, Randomized key encryption, Randomized stream cipher, Randomizer, Randomizing, Randomizing sequence, Randomly, Randomly chosen, Randomly-chosen key, Randomly-generated, Randomly-selected, Randomness, Randomness postulate, Rang, Rank, Rank of a matrix, Rate, Rate of a language, Raw, Re-injected shift register, Re-radiation, Reaction, Reaction attack, Read, Read cryptograms, Read-only memory, Real persons, Real-time, Real-time Blacklist., Real-time decryption, Real-world, Real-world random sequence, Really, Really random sequence, Reassigned, Reassigned key, Receive, Received, Received message, Receiver, Receiver's key, Recipient, Reciprocal, Reciprocal polynomial, Recirculating shift register, Recomputation, Recompute, Reconstruct, Reconstruct a military code, Reconstructed, Reconstructed plaintext, Reconstruction, Reconstruction of internal settings of a cipher system, Reconstruction of the plaintext, Reconstruction of the specific keys to the cipher system, Recover, Recover a plaintext, Recover an encryption key from a decryption key, Recover session keys, Recovered, Recovered plaintext, Recovery plan, …


Safe, Safe cryptoalgorithm, Safeguard, Safeguard communications, Salt, Sample, Sample email, Sample estimation, Sample key, Satellite, Satellite interception system, Satellite personal communications system, Satellite scrambler, Satisfiability problem, Scalable, Scalable cipher, Scalar, Scalar product, Scheme, Scherbius, Schmidt, Scientific, Scientific secret-key cryptology, Scramble, Scrambled, Scrambled message, Scrambler, Scrambling, Scrambling algorithm, Scrambling equipment, Scrambling generator, Scrambling key, Scrambling matrix, Scratch, Scratch pad store, Seal, Sealed, Sealed-authenticator authentication scheme, Sealing, Sealing encryption algorithm, Searched, Searched key, Secondary, Secondary key, Secrecy, Secrecy channel, Secret, Secret exponent, Secret key, Secret key distribution, Secret sharing, Secret writing, Secret-key agreement, Secret-key cipher, Secret-key cryptography, Secure, Secure, Secure And Fast Encryption Routine, Secure Electronic Transaction, Secure Hash Algorithm, Secure Hash Standard, Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Secure Key Management Protocol, Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, Secure Socket Layer, Secure Sockets Layer, Secure Wide Area Network, Secure against, Secure against substitution and modification, Secure channel, Secure electronic exchange of keys, Secure integrity of information, Secure key exchange, Secure key generator, Secure key passing channel, Secure message, Secure state, Secure system, Security, Security administrator, Security alarm, Security association, Security audit, Security audit trail, Security auditing, Security auditor, Security authority, Security certificate, Security domain, Security estimate, Security exchange, Security flaw, Security information, Security kernel, Security label, Security level, Security management, Security model, Security of a key, Security period, …


Table, Tactical, Tactical encryption device, Tamper, Tamper resistant, Tamper resistant module, Tamper with information, Tamper-free channel, Tamperproof, Tanneberg, Tap, Tap, Tapped, Target, Target exploitation, Tavares, Taxonomy, Taxonomy for authentication schemes, Technical, Technical extracts of traffic, Technical instructions, Technique, Technology, Telecommunications, Telecommunications systems accessible to wiretaps, Telegram, Telegram in cipher, Telegram in clear, Telegram in code, Telegraph, Telegraphic, Telegraphic code, Telegraphic communication, Telemetry, Telex, Telex tape encryptor, Telltale, Telltale emanation, Temporary, Temporary key, Terminal, Terminal Access Controller Access Control System, Terminal cryptographic unit, Terminal key, Terminal object, Tessera, Test, Test key, Test on a bombe, Tetragram, Tetragram count, Tetragram counting, Tetragram frequency, Tetragraph, Text, Text-dependent encryption, Text-МAC pair, Theoretical, Theoretical attack, Theoretical cryptanalysis, Theoretical security, Theoretically, Theoretically unbreakable, Third-party, Third-party key, Threat, Threat, Threat analysis, Three key method, Three-wheel Enigma, Threshold, Threshold RSA signature scheme, Threshold cryptography, Threshold cryptosystem, Time and frequency sequential permutation, Time complexity, Time division multiplexing, Time segment permutation, Time stamping service, Time-dated message, Time-expired key, Time-lock puzzle, Time-varying cipher, Timestamp, Timing, Timing attack, Timing cryptanalysis, Tiny Encryption Algorithm, to the base b, Token, Tolstoy, Top-secret, Total, Total encryption, Totally, Totally-random key, Tractable, Trade cipher system, Traffic, Traffic analysis, …


UKUSA agreement, Ultra, Ultra-high frequency, Ultrahigh, Unambiguous, Unambiguous decoding, Unauthentic, Unauthentic message, Unauthorized, Unauthorized access, Unbreakability, Unbreakable, Unbreakable by brute force, Unbreakable cipher, Unbreakable encryption, Unbreakable key, Unbroken, Unbroken code, Uncertainty, Uncertainty of a secret key, Unchangeable, Unchangeable key, Unclassified, Unclassified research in cryptography, Uncompromised, Uncompromised key, Unconditionally, Unconditionally secure authentication scheme, Unconditionally secure cryptosystem, Uncrackable, Undecidable, Undecipherable, Undeciphered, Undecrypted, Undeniable, Undeniable signature scheme, Underlying, Underlying plaintext, Undigested, Undigested decrypts, Unduplicatable, Unduplicatable key, Unencrypted, Unfavorable, Unicity, Unicity distance, Unicity point, Unidirectional, Uniform, Uniform distribution, Uniform protection, Uniformly, Uniformly distributed numbers, Unilateral, Unilateral frequency distribution, Unique, Unique decryption, Uniquely, Uniquely reversible, Unit, United, United States SIGINT System, Universal, Universal Datagram Packets, Universal key, Unkeyed, Unkeyed device is unclassified, Unknown, Unknown key, Unlock, Unlock a cipher, Unlock information guarded by cryptography, Unorthodox, Unorthodox linear transform, Unpredictable, Unpredictable key, Unpublished, Unpublished algorithm, Unpublished key, Unreadable, Unreadable key, Unscrambled, Unshield, Untappable, Untappable channel, Untrustworthy, Untrustworthy participant, Unusually, Unusually good simultaneous Diophantine approximation, Update, Update a key, Updated, Updated key, Updation, Updation of cryptographic keys, Upgrade, Upgrade cipher communications, Upper, Upper bound, Use, …


Vacuum-cleaner, Vacuum-cleaner method, Vague boundaries, Valid, Valid cryptogram, Validate, Validation, Validity, Variable, Variable, Variable-length key, Variable-size block cipher, Variable-width cipher, Variant, Variant, Variant cipher system, Variant cipher system, Variation, Vector, Vector space, Venona, Venona decrypts, Verification, Verification, Verifier, Verify, Verify a key, Verify an authenticates, Vernam, Vernam cipher, Version, Version rollback attack, Vertical substitution cipher, Very large-scale integration logic, Video, Video encryption, Vigenere, Vigenere cipher, Vigenere square, Vigenere table, Violate, Violate secrecy or privacy, Virtual, Virtual Matrix Encryption, Virtual Private Network, Visions, Visual, Visual cryptography, VLSI implementation of a cryptoalgorithm, Vocoder, Vocoding, Voice, Voice cryptography, Voice encryption device, Voice mail encryption, Voice scrambler device, Voice security device, Volume, Volume of traffic, Vowel, Vowel-consonant relationship, Voynich, Voynich manuscript, Vulnerability, Vulnerability, Vulnerability of a cipher system, Vulnerable, Vulnerable to a chosen-ciphertext attack, Vulnerable to break-ins


Wassenaar Arrangement, Weak, Weak key, Weaken, Weaken a cipher unit, Weakened, Weakened DES, Weakening, Weakness, Weakness of a cipher, Weather cipher, Weather codebook, Wehrmacht, Wehrmacht Enigma, Weight, Weighted, Weighted addition, Well-resourced attack, Wheel, Whispers, White noise, White noise encryption, White noise-based random generator, Wideband, Wideband encryption, Wired, Wired rotor, Wireless, Wireless communication, Wireless conversations, Wireless interception, Wireless interceptor, Wireless link, Wireless silence, Wiretap, Wiretap, Wiretap attack, Wiretap attack secure, Wiretap law, Wiretapped, Wiretapped ciphertext, Wiretapping, Withstand, Withstand a targeted attack, Withstand cryptanalysis, Word auto key encryption, Word pattern, Word-length aperiodic, Word-usage frequency, Work characteristic of a cipher, Work characteristic reduction field, Work factor, Work factor reduction field, Work function, Work key, Work on a cipher system, Work on the cryptanalysis of a cipher, Working, Working key, World-Wide Web, Worm, Worst, Worst case conditions, Wright, Wrong, Wrong key, Wrongly, Wrongly-entered key


X.509 certificate, X-text


Yardley, Yellow Book


Zendia, Zendian, Zendian cipher, Zero, Zero-knowledge iterative proof, Zero-knowledge proof, Zero-knowledge protocol, Zero-one distribution, Zeroization, Zeroize, Zimmermann, Zimmermann telegram, Zone Master Key


Аккаунт, Алиас

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